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AUTOTAU is a company that’s activities involve European Union (EU) Member States. We provide the total spectrum of services to a client wishing to acquire a car: we consult participants of online car auctions, deliver the acquired cars, and provide assistance in conclusion of a hire/purchase agreement.


AUTOTAU may deliver your car from Belgium, Holland, France, Germany or Italy. All AUTOTAU car transporters are insured by carrier’s compulsory civil liability insurance (CMR). So, a delivery of your car by AUTOTAU will be safe.  You may access to an insurance (CMR) certificate and the enterprise documents here.


AUTOTAU offer you to take part in online car auctions. We represent the most important European car auctions. You may access to the complete list of car auctions represented by AUTOTAU here.

AUTOTAU  may store the delivered cars on the vehicle terminals in Vilnius (LT), Minsk (BY), Riga (LV), Lapy (PL), Malaszewicze (PL), or Smolensk (RU).


AUTOTAU will insure safety of your car on the vehicle terminal (closed territory, video cameras, round-the-clock physical guard security). Your property stored in the territory will be additionally covered by civil liability insurance.


You may access to a request for delivery of a car here.


You may access to a request for acquisition of a car here.


For enquiries: +37068487060, e-mail:


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